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DTCC's Derivatives Services is focused on working with the industry, regulators and DTCC counterparts to create capabilities that leverage data in order to mitigate risk, enhance transparency and drive down costs in financial markets globally.


DTCC's GTR service supports a multitude of data submissions including real-time price reporting, transaction details, confirmation records and valuation data.

GTR is the industry's provider of choice for global OTC derivatives reporting. GTR holds detailed data on OTC derivatives transactions globally and is an essential tool for managing systemic risk and providing regulators with unprecedented transparency into this trillion dollar market.

GTR spans three continents, enabling users to meet their regulatory reporting obligations wherever they are located, in an open, cost effective and efficient manner via a single platform. GTR is the only non-commercial global provider of transaction reporting services and is uniquely positioned to help market participants address some of their most important operational and regulatory challenges in this ever-evolving environment.

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The Trade Information Warehouse’s (Warehouse’s) Trade Reporting Repository enables regulators and market participants to view the market’s overall risk exposure to over-the-counter (OTC) credit derivatives instruments by operating and maintaining the centralized, electronic database for virtually all credit default swap (CDS) contracts outstanding in the global marketplace. 

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