Regulatory Rule Filings

SR # Subsidiary Subject/Amendment SEC Approval Notice/Federal Register Notice
  • NSCC-2018-004
  • NSCC
  • Proposed rule change to terminate the Commission Billing service and the Commission Billing type of limited membership.
  • FICC-2018-005
  • FICC - MBS
  • Correct Certain References and Provide Transparency to Existing Processes in the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division Electronic Pool Notification Rules.
  • DTC-2018-004
  • DTC
  • Proposed rule change relating to modifications to the DTC Underwriting Service Guide.
  • DTC-2018-006
  • DTC
  • The Depository Trust Company is proposing to amend Rule 35 to provide for designated accounts for use with designated collateral management service providers.
  • NSCC-2018-003
  • NSCC
  • Proposed rule change to clarify and enhance rules related to the CNS Reorganization Processing System and NSCC’s authority to reveal identities of counterparties in certain circumstances.
  • DTC-2018-002
  • DTC
  • Proposed rule change to (1) amend the Policy Statements on the Admission of Participants and (2) implement fees relating to (a) the submission of membership and pledgee applications and (2) legal opinions relating to foreign applicants.

  • Federal Release:

    Release No. 34-83544; File No. SR-DTC-2018-002
    (June 28, 2018)

  • FICC-2018-004
  • Update the Government Securities Division Rulebook and the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division Clearing Rules to introduce a floor to the calculation of the fails charges and make other changes

  • Federal Release: 
    Release No. 34-83457; File No. SR-FICC-2018-004
    (June 18, 2018)
SR # Subsidiary Subject/Amendment SEC Approval Notice/Federal Register Notice
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