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DTCC’s Derivatives Services mitigate the risks and increase the efficiency of derivatives post-trade processing by automating critical operations in the lifecycle of credit and equity derivatives. Derivatives Services’ offerings include the Trade Information Warehouse (TIW), the industry’s leading asset servicing infrastructure for credit derivatives worldwide, and Equity Cash Flow Matching, which provides a cash flow matching service for certain over-the-counter equity derivatives.

Products and Services

Trade Information Warehouse


DTCC pioneered ground-breaking derivatives services in 2006 when it established the Trade Information Warehouse (TIW), the industry’s first infrastructure for record retention and asset servicing of cleared and bilateral credit derivatives. 

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Equity Cash Flow Matching


DTCC’s automated, global Equity Derivatives Cashflow Matching Service (CFM) facilitates seamless and timely settlement for over-the-counter (OTC) equity derivatives.

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